About us

At Aviation Auditor we make it easy.

Aviation Auditor Training is an initiative to bring the best of aviation auditing knowledge to individuals who want to pursue a respectable designation in the field of Aviation. The training team comprises of individuals from the Aviation and Airline industries delivering the perfect knowledge required for initial entry into the working atmosphere, the different avenues and sustaining such knowledge.

We have more than 25 years of experience in the field of auditing and aviation auditing, providing the ultimate learning experience.

We conduct our aviation auditing training in multiple international locations to facilitate the participation of trainees from a range of designations and from the airline industry.

Sometimes it is inevitable that knowledge needs to be learnt through reverse integration from the industry to get deeper knowledge, learn logically and analytically from such acts and further improve the process of implementing such knowledge. We deliver such a training on ground to make the aviation industry safe and to be in compliance.