Aviation Auditor Training
From ground zero to Internal Audits

The Aviation Auditor Training comprises of an Aviation Industry Familiarization session that exposes the real world knowledge on what is existing for new individuals and fine tunes the experienced professionals attending the training.

The training breaks up the requirements for Internal Auditing resulting in findings, observations that needs to be corrected with suitable Corrective action plan. You will also be able to perform an audit that is not subjective but objective, aimed towards continous improvement with measurable results.

What you will learn from the training?

On completion of this training you will be able to:

  • Understand which standard framework should be used for the internal audit
  • Develop, Establish and Implement an Audit Program
  • Practice the principles of Auditing, Methodologies and Techniques
  • Perform controlled document reviews
  • Define scope and objectives
  • Develop audit plan and checklists
  • Select an audit team
  • Gather evidences and Analyze findings
  • Create non-conformity reports
  • Report audit results
  • Device Corrective Action plan
  • Evaluate the implementation of the corrective action plan
  • Monitor continous improvement

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